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Animation & Video
Kaki No Tabi

A stressed out salaryman Kaki is whisked away on a traveling adventure where, after a close encounter, he realizes that work is not so bad after all.


Story & Animation By: 
Angela Perrone

Created with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Premiere

To learn more about how "Kaki No Tabi" was created, please check out this page!

P Is For Poodle: Darkside of the Poo(dle)

As the sun comes out, Francis the Poodle confronts his shadow, discovering that what he once feared is now his best friend.

Story & Animation by Angela Perrone


Starring Francis the Poodle


Music: Complainte De La Butte by Tony Murena


Created with Lunch Box

Cork Screwed

A faithful cork tries desperately to be reunited with the neck of his champagne bottle, only to discover he should have aimed for a different bottle all together.


Comm Lab Animation


Story & Animation By:
Chino Kim
Marcela Nowak
Angela Perrone


Created with DragonFrame & Adobe Premiere


To learn more about how "Cork Screwed" was created, please check out this page!

Butcher Baby

Butcher Baby is an Assisted Readymade that will make you hungry for something cute.

If you're in the mood for edible adorable, try Butcher Baby, the cutest kitchen trinket to hit the market since the melon baller.

With a sturdy grip, Butcher Baby rolls right on to a fresh meat patty leaving the imprint of on of nature's cutest resource: a baby! Pop your "bun" in the oven and within 20 minutes you'll be nibbling on a newborn.

Butcher Baby, the perfect treat for yourself.

*Results may vary. Butcher Baby is only sold in Israel (and Japan). Proceed with caution.


Created by Angela Perrone & Gal Nissim with Adobe Premiere and adobe After Effects

Little Sam Riding Hood

Little Sam Riding Hood is live-action music video parody of the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood, where Little Sam just may be leading on the wolf, as she ventures to Grandma’s house. Who is the real villain in this journey through the woods?

Story & Production by Angela Perrone

Music: Little Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs

Created with Final Cut Express

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