interaction design

Vintangible Radio


Vintangible Radio is a vintage radio-inspired music controller. This interactive radio features 12 themed music channels. Channels are controlled by a rotary dial and a slider is used to change songs within each channel. A light panel is mapped to the rotary dial, indicating one of the 12 channels is currently playing. 

Vintangible Radio reaches the airwaves through serial communication between p5.js and Arduino

Learn more about Vintangible Radio here.


Looking Glass Factory


The Holo-Sprayer is a physical device designed to look and behave like a spray paint can, and created to interact with the drawing app on Looking Glass Factory's HoloPlayer One. 

Experimenting with ways to bring a more realistic and tangible experience to the human-hologram interaction, the HoloSprayer aimed to create an intuitive and natural user-interaction with the HoloPlayer hardware. Users press down the cap to initiate a spray, and the can provides haptic feedback to indicate that it is in spray mode, providing the sensation of a real paint can. Spinning the top of the cap changes the color of the paint as well as the glow of the HoloSprayer, clearing showcasing to the user the color of paint that they are currently working with.

Dive into the development of this holo-experiment here.


Stand P-UP


Stand P-UP is a lighting board and stage combination built to the scale of a toy poodle, to be used for his on-stage adventures. The lighting controller is designed as a small-scale theatrical lighting controller where sliders are used to fade colors in and out, with one master control to fade them all, and an on-off switch to shut the entire board on and off.

Stand P-UP takes center stage with NeoPixel JewelsArduino and C++.

Learn more about Stand P-UP here.

Light Noise


Light Noise is an interactive installation that lures its audience into the impossibility of shutting off noise while revealing the madness and personalities trapped within light.

A box of light switches was created to control the projected personalities onto the lightbulbs. 

Light Noise comes together with a combination of Arduino programming, physical computing and Max MSP

My roles in this project include: story, video editing, switch box fabrication, physical computing, circuitry, After Effects, Arduino, projection mapping.

Light Noise was exhibited at the NYC Media Lab 16 Summit

Created by Angela Perrone & 

Learn more about Light Noise here. 

Music Controller


This hand-held music controller is designed both tactically and haptically for the visually impaired.  It features a vibration motor that provides haptic feedback, with specific vibrations reflecting the actions of each sound control button. Each button is topped with a 3 dimensionally raised icon that matches the individual actions. The controls include play, pause, stop, skip ahead, skip back, fast-forward and random selection.

This music player brings music to your ears with serial communication between p5.js and Arduino