experience design

Museum of Funny Ladies, A Museumette


The Museum of Funny Ladies, A Museumette is an interactive exhibit that transports visitors to the 1970s and into the writers room of pioneer comedy writer Sybil Adelman, where they can interact with the objects in the space to experience her story as a groundbreaking female comedy writer as she navigated the male-dominated writers world of that era.

The Museumette features vintage objects that are brought back to life through Arduino, Max MSP and Mad Mapper.  It is a proof of concept for the larger design plan for the .

You’ll laugh, you’ll sigh. And you will leave knowing that with chutzpah and humor, women were able to navigate their way to success during this pivotal point in history.

The Museum of Funny Ladies, A Museumette has exhibited at the NYC Independent Film Festival (2017) and will be appearing at the ITP Spring Show on May 16th and 17th.

More about the project can be experienced here

Good Boy, Sammy


Good Boy, Sammy is an interactive hologram experience, where the user can play with a holographic dog (holo-dog) and get him to do tricks on command.

Good Boy, Sammy comes to life through voice recognition programming (p5.js speech library), projection, archived footage from 2009, and a hologram screen. Sammy responds to commands including sit, down, give me 5, 5 dollars, yodel and speak. A user approaches the cage he/she can get close, give a command and experience Sammy reacting in real time. It feels like he is alive and in the space with you.

Step aside taxidermy, because holo-dogging is taking over.

Good Boy, Sammy was exhibited at Hacking Arts 2016 at MIT, World Maker Faire 2016, and the ITP Spring Show 2016.

Learn more about Good Boy, Sammy here!

Current Times


Current Times is an interactive window display that explores the current state of human communication, where we exist in a physical world yet we are trapped in the digital world, only to communicate to the outside through digital devices. Visitors can only communicate with the live person in one window, by interacting with their avatar in the next window through an online chat feature. 

Current Times took a team of 4 to design and bring to life. It combines my work on 3D body scanning and mesh modeling, with the other key components of the project including Mixamo, Max MSP, Unreal Engine and a custom chat program. 

To learn more about Current Times, travel here!

Nowhere, Somewhere


Nowhere, Somewhere is an immersive experience that brings the user on a journey into the illusion of being nowhere, in the middle of somewhere.

Enter Nowhere, Somewhere by crawling through a small space on the floor and entering an infinite space in the middle of a forest. Experience 24-hours of time in a vast forest in 1 minute and a half, without ever leaving 5x5 feet of a building in the middle of Manhattan. Disappear to nowhere, in the vast expanse of somewhere.

This is accomplished through back projecting onto the back of a standing shower tent using two projectors, Isadora software, immersive sound, and projection mapping. This experience creates the illusion of being in a place of infinite space for a long period of time, when in reality the user is in a confined area for a brief passing moment. 

To learn more about Nowhere, Somewhere, explore here!

Mano Italiano


I am Italian and have a tendency to talk with my hands. A lot. And because of this, I have knocked over my fair share of glassware and liquids that get in the way of my physical talking. No discussion ends dry, shatter-less or unstained. Mano Italiano is an interactive game created with Unity and Leap Motion, where the player can talk and see just how destructive their hand gestures can be.

To learn how Mano Italiano was created, read here!