PITFeed Variety Show - 5 Types of People on Facebook

Stop wasting time at work looking at lists on BuzzFeed alone and join Angela Perrone, Chris Luther and all your favorite improvisers, stand-up comedians, sketch groups, musicians, video makers and more at the PITFeed Variety Show.

PITFeed takes your favorite pop culture/life topics such as "Styles of the 80's" or "Annoying People on the Subway" and counts them down as suggestions for performers from 5 different disciplines of comedy.

It's like BuzzFeed...but in real life!

Join us this month as we count down the 5 Types of People On Facebook. Will we see a sketch about selfies? A song about which character/movie/politician is best for you to have dinner with? An improv set inspired by Memes? Stop sitting around playing Farm Dash & Diamondville. Join us and find out!

The Quanrudes (https://www.facebook.com/TheQuanrudes)
Suni Reyes (www.sunireyes.weebly.com - @sunirock
Pin-Up Squirrels (https://www.facebook.com/PinUpSquirrels)
Meghan O'Malley (http://youtu.be/9GO6cnNcM2s)
And the music of The WarrenScottBand (http://warrenscottmusic.blogspot.com/)

With Christine Liz Pynn on tech!