I am an Experience Designer, bilingual in English and Japanese, with a background in concept development, interactive technology, journalism, production, comedy, design, and research & development. I specialize in developing content, identifying the technology to bring narratives to life and prototyping the interactions. 

My work focuses on designing experiences that bridge the physical and digital worlds. I approach each project with enthusiasm, ingenuity and tech prowess to create immersive environments and bring stories and objects to life. Inside my bag of tricks you will find Arduino, physical computing, basic circuitry, the Adobe Creative Suite, video editing, 3D scanning (structure sensor), projection mapping (MadMapper and Isadora) and fabrication (CNC, laser cutter and other standard shop tools). I also have functioning basic knowledge of Max/MSP, Unity, Javasript (p5.js and rune.js), and 3D modeling software including Blender, Vectorworks and SketchUp. I am always ready to jump into new technology and tools.

I have spent my life knee-deep in Themed Entertainment, which despite being short, is a lot! I grew up in Las Vegas, Disney, Celebration (Florida) and my mother’s intensely curated interior home decor (because theming begins in the home), all of which have formed the foundation of my design and storytelling endeavors. As a comedian and have performed comedy throughout New York City, DC and Orlando. I am also a poodle enthusiast, a hobby that certainly barks for itself. On occasion I can be found on stage playing in my 4-paw ukulele band alongside my toy poodle, Francis (named after Frank Sinatra, of course).

experience design・storytelling・interactive・poodles・happy chaos